If most comedians had a choice, they would be rock stars. Sherry Parnes is no exception. Join her, as she talks to some of the coolest comedians around about their favorite music. New episodes every other Wednesday!


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June 2018
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Episode 10: Recording Artist Alex Gimeno (Ursula 1000)

To celebrate our tenth glorious podcast, I sit down with Alex Gimeno - a.k.a. Ursula 1000! We talk about all sorts of things, but mainly British comedy including The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, I.T. Crowd, and generally why Matt Berry is pretty much the best man for the job.

We also talk about the future of Ursula 1000, new kid in town Quentin Quatro, and a whole bunch of music.



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Episode Nine: Beth Newell (co-founder of Reductress)

Beth Newell (Reductress.com) stops by for a chat. We get a little tipsy and end up talking about all sorts of things that we might regret one day in the very near future.

Not really; but we do talk about lots of stuff including comedy, sketch writing, boys, comedy, John Lennon and his two most important relationships (Paul McCartney and Yoko), comedy, and an unusual use for tampons.



PS Please rate and review us on iTunes. If you don't, well, let's just say ther'll be "consequences."

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Episode Eight: Zhubin Parang (The Daily Show)

Will everyone please just settle down? Things will go a lot smoother if you hold your questions until the end of this planning commission meeting.

This week, I sit down with Emmy Award-winning writer Zhubin Parang (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) to discuss his love of Bob Dylan, why Billy Joel is underrated, and why it might be kind of cool to have a former lover write a hateful song about you.

We also talk about comedy and how working at a fake news organization is different from working at a real news organization.



PS For more with Zhubin, check out our special bonus episode, also out today!

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Bonus Material: Zhubin Parang! (The Daily Show)

Zhubin Parang (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Sherry discuss their shared Iranian/Persian heritage and then talk a whole lot about food! 

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Episode Seven: Adam Wade (The Moth)

What's Happening, Rerun? If you "got" that reference, you're my kind of people. Or you're old. Or both. But don't worry about that for now; Adam Wade is here! He's won The Moth Story Slam eighteen times! He talks about the art of storytelling and what it's like to do Asssscat. We'll also swap stories about our shared adventure as NBC Pages. Good Times...oh, sorry. Wrong 70s sitcom!



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Episode Six: John Frusciante (Artistic Associate, UCB)

Don't roll your eyes at me, young lady! It's time for the 6th episode of the Louder Than Bombs Podcast! This time, we sit down with writer and comedian John Frusciante. John is a huge music fan, and he also happens to be the Artistic Associate at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. We talk about the Theatre, comedy, and lots of other stuff including the difference between American and British Punk, Pink Floyd, and why you don't have to isten to Metallica anymore. 

It's a table-thumpin' good time!



PS For more about the bands and things John and I talk about, be sure to check out our Tumblr: http://louderthanbombspodcast.tumblr.com

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Episode Five: Morgan Evans

This epsiode is more fun than a Citi Bike with flames painted on the sides, jumping over a huge pit filled with Citi Bikes that are actually on fire! Morgan Evans (Best Week Ever, The Onion, and a whole lot of other cool stuff), stops by Sherry's apartment to talk about French Pop, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and anything else that catches his fancy. So please join us, okay?



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Episode Four: Dave Hill (B-Side)

I'm sure they say lots of other things on the subway. Things about being aware of your surroundings and not walking between cars and stuff like that. But I'm too tired to think about that right now. Instead, please let me present to you the second part to my chat with Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Inside Amy Schumer). We talk about the art of cursing, Flower Boys, and why Scandinavian people are genetically superior. Along the way, we finish our Led Zep/Stones quiz. How did Dave do? How did you do? Stop showing off!

I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better. You seem sweet. (That's Yearbook Speak for "Being seen with you would have affected my Q score.")



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Episode Three: Dave Hill (A-Side)

Stand clear of the closing doors, please! We're hanging out with thinking man and raconteur Dave Hill (This American Life, Tasteful Nudes) for the first of an epic two-part podcast! In this episode, Dave discusses personal style, Morrissey, and what separates the men from the boys. Dave also begins an epic Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones quiz. How will he fare? The answer might surpirse you!




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Episode Two: Chris Gethard

Ladies and gentleman, there is train traffic ahead of us. Please be patient. That’s code for “Please don’t take it out on the conductor. If you do, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.” No matter!  We’ve got Chris Gethard with us! Chris (“The Chris Gethard Show” and the book A Bad Idea I’m About To Do) and I chill out on the back porch of his Brooklyn apartment to talk about punk rock – one of the coolest rocks there is, and how it’s shaped his comedy. We miss insulting The Clash by a hair, and then work it out in an epic Smiths lyrics battle!

Stay sweat this summer.



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