If most comedians had a choice, they would be rock stars. Sherry Parnes is no exception. Join her, as she talks to some of the coolest comedians around about their favorite music. New episodes every other Wednesday!


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Episode 20: Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere)!

Hey There - 

It's our big 20th episode featuring Charlie Todd founder and mastermind of internet sensations Improv Everywhere!

Improv Everywhere creates memorable and sometimes chaotic scenes in public places, usually the streets of New York City, with the help of thousands of volunteer agents.

Some memorable Improv Everywhere "missions" include a musical staged inside a mall food court, some real life ghostbusting at the New York Public Library, and the No Pants Subway Ride, now in its 13th year.

Listen to the podcast and then get "We Cause Scenes," the new documentary about Charlie and Improv Everywhere on iTunes.

This week, we also continue our open-ended look at garage bands with The Detroit Cobras and The Oblivions.

What are you waiting for? Listen, like us on facebook, and follow me on twitter @sherrypop.



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Episode 19: Livia Scott (The Livia Scott Sketch Program, UCB)

Happy New Year!

It's 10 p.m., and my neighbors are hammering upstairs. Is that normal?

Anyway, we're back with the wonderful Livia Scott of The Livia Scott Sketch Program, which The New York Times calls "one of the best and most imaginative shows in the city." That's New York City, where there's always a lot of good and imaginative stuff, so imagination how amazing Livia's show is!

We talk about Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories and Andy Kaufman conspiracy theories. There's a lot of ideas getting tossed around here!

And I introduce a new segment where we'll explore the wonderful genre of Garage Rock!

Please follow me on twitter @sherrypop and like us on facebook. Then let me know what Garage bands/songs you really dig.



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Episode 17:Unhappy Birthday (Podcast)

It's that time of year. People rushing around, trying to get home for the holidays, and screwing other people in the process.

That's what happened to me. This week's guest bailed on me at the last minute, even though he rescheduled twice before and I begged him not to hang me out to dry a third time.

To top it off, I was already depressed because it was my birthday, which marks my annual two weeks of being unbearable and freaking out over even the smallest inconvenience, and not something like this.

However, being the comsummate professional I remembered the old adage "the show must go on."

And so it did. Here are 45 minutes of birthday nonsense, featuring my friends, producer Meena Sajwani and Thomas Appleton.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



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Episode 16: Shannon Coffey (Coffey Chat, UCB)!

Recently, I got to sit down and get tipsy with the hilarious and fethching Shannon Coffey. We talked about her legit love of gorups like Fifth Harmony, OneDirection. But we also talked about haters, people who take duck selfies, kids with booger hands and why it's all gonna be alright.

Shannon is the best! Enjoy!



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Episode 15: Ann Carr (FX's Louie and The Actress)

We're back with the wonderful and delightful Ann Carr who you've seen on FX's hit show Louie, the hot web series The Actress, and UCB's brand new sketch team Legs For Days.

We talk about acting, comedy, growing as a person, Welcome Back Kotter, and what Louis CK said Ann that she cherishes to this day.

It's been a tough week for music fans. I encourage everyone to break out some Velvet Underground and remember the genius that was Lou Reed.



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Episode 14: Boris Khaykin (College Humor, Comedy Central)

This week Boris Khaykin (Comedy Central, College Humor, UCB and other stuff) and I sit down to have a lively discussion about comedy, politics, risk-taking, and of course, Miley Cyrus. Because the poor girl just isn't getting enough attention these days.

Boris and I tend to disagree about everything. You may want to take an Advil before you listen to this.



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Episode 13: Rob Michael Hugel

Rob Michael Hugel ("I Hate Being Single") stops by with candy! We get up to all kinds of nonsense including a scholarly discourse of all those "One Direction are gay" rumors. 

This podcast is brought to you by the Ford Fiesta and all the other fine Ford vehicles. Well, it isn't really. But it totally should be.



(Photo by Zack DeZon)

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Episode 12: Shalyah Evans of MTV's Girl Code

This episode is like a drunken slumber party with your best friend!

Shalyah Evans (MTV's Girl Code) stops by to talk about boys, boy bands, dressing like a princess for the VMAs, and how she ended up with a flirty pic with Harry Styles. Along the way we talk about creepy men, stalkers, and why Kate Winslet is everybody's girl crush.



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Episode 11: Craig Rowin (Adult Swim's "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell")

We're back with Lucky Podcast 11, featuring the charming, Emmy Award nominated writer and comedian Craig Rowin of Adult Swim's Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.

Craig and I talk about 666 Park Avenue, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Arrested Development and a lot of other television shows. And to contractually fulfill our obligation to discuss music in every podcast, we talk about Harry Nilsson and Weird Al.

Also for some reason, serial killers come up a lot, as do fairy godmothers offering real weird life choices.



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Episode Nine: Beth Newell (co-founder of Reductress)

Beth Newell (Reductress.com) stops by for a chat. We get a little tipsy and end up talking about all sorts of things that we might regret one day in the very near future.

Not really; but we do talk about lots of stuff including comedy, sketch writing, boys, comedy, John Lennon and his two most important relationships (Paul McCartney and Yoko), comedy, and an unusual use for tampons.



PS Please rate and review us on iTunes. If you don't, well, let's just say ther'll be "consequences."

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